What Might Someone Find When Looking for News About Food Producer Hampton Creek?

Someone who has recently discovered Hampton Creek salad dressings or other products from this small company may have done some reading online to learn more. Many articles have been published about the short-lived conflict over Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo sandwich spread. Consumer goods manufacturer Unilever and the Food and Drug Administration both questioned whether the product could be called by this name if doesn’t contain eggs, meaning it technically doesn’t contain authentic mayonnaise. Hampton Creek was successful in its efforts to keep the name; Just Mayo is still on store shelves, now in several flavors. The Latest news about Hampton Creek is free of these debates, which is probably just fine with the company. Instead, the team can focus on telling consumers all about its more recent product releases and plans for the near future.

The company originally planned to have more products available in stores by now, but they were sidetracked in a few positive ways. Hampton Creek needed to meet additional demand for Just Mayo when convenience store chain 7-Eleven decided to use that sandwich spread in its deli foods instead of traditional mayonnaise. It filled orders for General Mills for a plant-based powdered egg substitute after avian flu drastically cut short the egg supply. General Mills needed an effective substitute for its many baking mixes. Hampton Creek also scored a contract with food service corporation Compass Group to supply its salad dressings in cafeterias. All that rapid success was an excellent development for the small company, although it meant consumers needed to be patient while waiting for new Hampton Creek items to appear in stores.

These days, the latest news about this food technology company often can be found on its official Facebook page. Viewers can learn about the various products and find new recipes. The company appears to enjoy keeping its communication with customers light and fun, although it responds to serious questions with straightforward answers. People also can set a search engine alert to tell them when news is posted online. Hampton Creek is sometimes featured in broader articles, such as those about food producers focusing on environmentally friendly processes and better treatment of animals.